A Pulsating Night Out


Superb Analytics

With Pulsate, striking statistics, delivered on a customisable analytics dashboard, effortlessly channel focus to surprise and delight mobile users with increasingly high standards.

Behavioural Segmentation

Forget Demographic. Geographic & Psychographic. Pulsate segments on user behaviour so every message received by your customers feels like it is coming from a friend.

Online to Offline CRM

Our cookie like tracking system for the real world is seamlessly integrated to understand your customer’s online to offline journey to keep the customer close and guarantee their loyalty.

Free Platform

Pulsate’s cutting edge knowledge platform, learns from past visits and purchases in-venue to give you the ammunition to recommend items the customer most desires. Switch on automated communication gives you the power to hit your customers sweet spot and keep them coming back.

Real Time Intelligence

 The real time data analysis places the power in your hands to change the buying patterns of customers to strategically deliver instant gratification.

Customisable Dashboard

Our easy to read dashboard gives you more time to make those customer marketing moments more special.

A Social App with Geofencing

Geofencing with social media isn’t just an additional marketing tool, it is your key to virally winning more customers by extending a helping hand through content communication to those around you in a contextual way.

Converse. Connect. Convert.

The Pulsate starts conversation with its nearby friends and internal chat features. Smart conversational commerce combined with content informational and entertaining content about your venue with nearby connections will virally convert your promotions.

Customisable Geofence Radius

Pulsate’s advanced customisable geofence is about enticing nearby customers around you to make that visit to your venue and is the cornerstone of your online to offline promotion strategy.

Social Media Integration

Content customers care about can be shared with influencers on the platforms they actively engage with…Facebook, Twitter, the works!