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Consumer benefits:

Four of your friends are going to an event near you? They’ve all already checked in? How did you not already know about this?! All of that pushes you to want GetinHere as your social wingman – if there’s a very popular event going on near you, we’ll send you a notification.

Serendipitously discover nearby Friends, Deals, last minute discounted Tickets & the latest Event news, and much more, at hospitality venues within a convenient 5 minute walk of your current location.


Here is a link to our GetinHere Branding Materials with company logo, app icons, video and header images.




Venue benefits:

Local independent venues can promote their own digital content (via URL) and special deals to nearby customers. Hospitality venues such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafes and events can react in real time by reaching nearby people through targeted and segmented campaigns. GetinHere delivers the right message to the right person at the right time in the right location, driving footfall to your venue, improving loyalty and increasing sales.

Once inside the venue, using our cool beacon technology, event organisers can continue to creatively engage with audiences – for example, announcing the next tune to encourage people onto the dance floor.


Real Time Deals:

  • Get notified of last minute discounted tickets to shows, comedy gigs, live concerts right around the corner
  • Discover real time exclusive deals on restaurants, nightlife
  • Get notified of happy hours nearby
  • Redeem Coupon deals directly from your smartphone
  • Collect the fanciest hotel shampoos with last minute hotel room deals within a 5 minute walk.
  • Save your favourite venues, deals and events.

Be Social:

  • See where your friends are on our nearby map, share nearby deals and make spontaneous plans
  • Get news on events around you….which DJ is playing? Where can I hear live rock music?
  • Directions showing you quickest way to the venue
  • Share memories of your night out and become a “Hall of Famer”
  • No in-app purchases (IAP), no ads.
  • Notifications are personalised and contextual making them more relevant – you can also switch specific categories off.







What motivated us to make this app?

One of the strongest human urges is to meet others with similar interests in real life, and our first principal is around trying to achieve this in a seamless way by giving users the tools to spontaneously plan a night out and benefit through engagement from nearby venues.

To give independent nearby businesses,communities and brands a voice that will actually reach their fans in real time with product or service updates, offers and the latest news, in a way that will surprise and delight them.


What was the biggest challenge when creating it?

There was a real challenge in making a technically complex app simple for the end users to enjoy, and a promotion platform that is intuitive and can quickly, yet powerfully attract footfall.


What is the profile of our target user?

As this is a social app, for now we are focussing on growing a user base that enjoys timeout at hospitality venues, so we are seeking restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafes, sports arenas, museums,  theatres, hotels and mixed retail venues as partners.

These partners can have free access to our powerful platform so they can see the benefits of increased footfall and sales.

Neighbourhood locals, day workers and either business or leisure travellers of any age can use the app to meetup with nearby friends or acquaintances and discover venues or events that appeal to them.



Winner of the Pitch UK #OneToWatch – a thorough 6 month process with 1500 entrants, making it Britain’s biggest pitch competition for startups and small businesses.








Finalist at TechCities Awards



Digital DNA Conference, Titanic Museum, Belfast – ShowCase presentation






Techcrunch Disrupt, London – December 2016



Engadget “your new wingman at local bars”





Release Date

November 24th, 2016


iOS 7.1+, universal app for iPhone & iPad, Android 4.1 and up





Richard Graham


Northern Ireland

Contact email – available for follow-up interviews and questions