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Update your customers about every event you list on Fatsoma. With one click your entire promotions database will receive an email or push notification about your new events availability. Learn more.


Use the most powerful promotion platform for events – people! Reps share news about your events with their friends and colleagues in return for a commission. Learn more.

Facebook Sync

Syncing your Facebook page to your Fatsoma brand page enables you to use our free promotional tools with your current Facebook network. Learn more.

Fatsoma App

Attendees can discover events, purchase tickets and get scanned in from one app. It’s the perfect journey and makes digital ticket scanning and push notifications possible for organisers.

Google Places Integration

Details of venues worldwide are already populated so you don’t have to waste any time entering information, it’s all there for you.

Event Feed

The people who love your events will be served a feed customised with their favourite brands, venues and artists as soon as they log in. It allows you to keep in touch with your most loyal fans.


Fast Checkout

Customers don’t have to jump through hoops to buy your tickets. With just a few clicks, the purchase is complete. It’s one of the easiest ticket purchasing processes on the market today.


You can easily turn your website traffic into ticket sales. Just add a customizable web shop to any site you control with an easily implemented code snippet. Learn more.

Mobile Website

People can buy tickets, access tickets for scanning, and view event information on the go with our mobile native website.

Phone Bookings

You can use phone bookings as another sales channel to manage the type of tickets you don’t want available publicly.


Brand Page

Fill in the event details, add your ticket type and customise your listing to fit your brand. All your events are listed on an easily accessible brand page that works great on desktop and mobile.

Event Page

It takes less than a minute for your event to be listed live on the Internet. Our event pages are designed to make the maximum impact, converting as many people as possible into buyers.

Markdown Support

Use markdown to have complete creative control over how your event descriptions are formatted. It’s the simplest way to make them unique, understandable and memorable.


Staff Management

You have the option to allow your employees the ability to access account information. You can easily delegate areas of the account that can be viewed by employees.


You can reduce queue times and receive instant ticket verification by using our ticket scanners or downloading the iOS and Android app. It is also one of the best ways to keep track of admission numbers.

Mobile Tickets

Attendees can access and save tickets on their mobile device. There is no need to worry about printing, forgetting or losing paper tickets.

Free Tickets

Even if you are not selling tickets for a fee, you can still use Fatsoma’s features to manage your attendees and capture their data. Our features are brilliant for managing a guest list.


Real Time Sales Stats

With every online ticket purchase, you immediately have access to data on every sale.

Google Analytics Integration

We provide you with a complete Google Analytics profile for every event page you have. You can track the performance of all channels from click to conversion using the world’s most popular analytics platform.

Data Capture

Increase your knowledge of your customer base by using custom questions upon ticket purchase.

Data Export

Readily access a CSV file of your attendee information formatted for easy import and analysis.

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